Honda Civic – If you are someone that wants to get a new Honda

The answer is yes, it’s a good choice for you to purchase the 2020 Honda Civic, and especially for someone who is looking for a good first car.


Priced from RM 108k, you can hardly find any c-segment sedan like this. Mechanically speaking, it’s very reliable. That means you will get many years of trouble-free service if the car is properly used. 


Bringing in the Honda Sensing Suite in this new generation, it’s quite safe and offers decent protection for both drivers and passengers. Honda also grieved the Civic a fair bit of accessories so you can make the most out of the limited cabin.



Most importantly, you will get to enjoy the VTEC technology. The Variable Timing and Lift Electronic Control has made Honda’s small displacement engines incredibly efficient. It’s THE simple, efficient, reliable yet powerful engine that is used for the Civics to the Acura supercar.


Compare the Honda Civic with the Toyota Corolla Altis, things may get clearer to you. On the road, the Corolla that equipped with sporty features failed to deliver its sporty character for its not that promptly steering performance. When doing a sharp turn, it’s chunky steering wheel caused a sloppy shift. But thanks to its properly installed chassis and platform, the Toyota Corolla Altis will level up the drive comfort whichever kind of road surfaces it’s on.


When driving the Honda Civic, you can see how agile the car is. The driving of it is with precision, and the driver can easily sense the feedback sent below the seat. At full throttle, both cars will generate same about of noise inside the cabin, so there’s no differentiation among that.

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