Honda Civic 2020 (2) -If you are someone who NEEDS to enjoy the newest features

If you are someone who NEEDS to enjoy the newest features


This is not a new model year for the Honda Civic. Instead, Honda Malaysia is going to introduced another facelift model here. What’s that means is that we cannot expect to see a breakthrough feature placed on the upcoming Civic, but we have a list of available updates and a new styling look.


Again, this is just a mid-life update, so a new styling look will include a smile changed from the outside. Up front, the new Civic will gain a redesigned lower fascia. The old chrome design was replaced by a piano black bar on the grille. Meanwhile, it will also get a different front bumper and a new front fog lamp housing. To the rear, the new car will update a rear bumper chrome trim and also a new tailgate spoiler to make it symmetrical to the front.


In the case improvements and new features, the owners of this new model now get to ‘button down’ the touchscreen infotainment system and also the climate controls. The reasons behind these physical buttons are amplifying the connection between the driver and the car as well as to enhance the driver’s controls over the car.


Safety view, the front parking sensors are available to the 2020 Civic. It also will come with an electric parking brake, remote engine start, a seven-inch Display Audio head unit, six airbags, front parking sensors, Vehicle Stability Assist, ABS, EBD, ESS, brake assist, Hill Start Assist and a reverse camera.


But the biggest gain in the facelift model is the Honda Sensing suite, which has introduced to the Honda CR-V and Honda Accord. That is to say, the Honda Civic will be the third CKD Honda model to receive this advanced safety system.


For the power side, the new Honda Civic will still use the 1.5L VTEC Turbo four-cylinder engine which matched with the Earth Dreams continuously variable transmission. Not that the old engine has any defects or flaws, it’s just not new. So for those who are currently owning a Honda City and with familiar engine specs, you may not want to throw more money in it if it’s not for the new exterior design and safety features.



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