Honda Civic 2020 (1)

Should you wait for the new 2020 Honda Civic? Here’s what the salesmen said.

Honda Civic is one of the best selling cars in Malaysia. By delivering a 1.5L VTEC Turbocharged Premium Variant in Dark Ruby Red this year, Honda Civic reached the 130,000th milestone.

It’s owner Fatiha is a fan of Honda, and the last car she purchased is Honda Stream. Accorded to her interview, she was impressed with the premium and innovative features of the Civic, which is expected to add in more fun to her daily commute.

Launched in 2016, the Honda Civic is the first generation to employ a turbocharged engine and with many new practical features. But should you just go into a showroom and drive the current generation away? Or should you wait for the 2020 new model?

To find out the truth, I talked to a Honda’s salesman, and he told me with all the internal information he knows about. To conclude his words, here are two situations you need to consider f you are planning to buy a new Honda Civic.

If you are someone who NEEDS to enjoy the newest features

This is not a new model year for the Honda Civic. Instead, Honda Malaysia is going to introduced another facelift model here. What’s that means is that we cannot expect to see a breakthrough feature placed on the upcoming Civic, but we have a list of available updates and a new styling look.

Again, this is just a mid-life update, so a new styling look will include a smile changed from the outside. Up front, the new Civic will gain a redesigned lower fascia. The old chrome design was replaced by a piano black bar on the grille. Meanwhile, it will also get a different front bumper and a new front fog lamp housing. To the rear, the new car will update a rear bumper chrome trim and also a new tailgate spoiler to make it symmetrical to the front.

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